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Publish Your Book/Journal/Thesis With Bonfay Journals

Bonfay journals is to develop the highest quality of knowledge-based products and services for the academic, scientific, professional, research and student communities worldwide. Bonfay journals is committed to serving the interests of the academic community through the timely dissemination of knowledge and information via all publishing channels, at competitive prices.

Why Publish With Us?

  • As the largest scientific publisher in Asia and strategically headquartered in India, we offer you the best reach to worldwide.
  • Our Foreign Rights Unit aggressively promotes our books to publishers around the world and actively pursues the translations of selected titles into various languages.
  • We take great pride in our author-centric approach.
  • Our editorial and production teams work hand-in-hand with our authors in order to provide them with the best service and a remarkable publishing experience.

We are always looking for authors and institutes who are interesting to publish their books, monographs, conference and proceedings and thesis. We ensure that your work reaches the highest success. Since we are a privately owned publisher, we have the luxury of devoting more time and effort into cultivating publishing relationships. Our commitment to service and personal attention ensures that you will be an active participant in key publishing decisions and that we'll be responsive to your publishing needs. Maintaining high academic and production standards is our priority. Manuscripts received would be thoroughly assessed for their viability across the globe. We intend to inform the authors as soon as possible on the acceptance or rejection of their works.

Promotion & Distribution

Known for our marketing expertise, we use a multichannel marketing strategy. With an emphasis on targeted direct-mail campaigns, our marketing team works to make sure that your journals/ books/ thesis will achieve maximum visibility to the appropriate audiences. Since we are a one the leading international distribution company, you'll have the advantage of international marketing efforts. In addition, we emphasize marketing across disciplines. Along with direct mail efforts, email and telemarketing campaigns add to our successful marketing formula.