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Bonfay Journals supports the national / international conferences, workshops and seminars on special topics relevant to engineering, science and technology. The Bonfay Journals will encourage the organizers by providing co-sponsorship and promoting the conference programs through our website.

The objective of the conference support is to encourage interdisciplinary research and to strengthen the research & development activities that potentially have national or international significance.

Bonfay Journal Conference Proceedings Services

Conference proceedings published by Bonfay Journals will be a benefit to great opportunity for the researchers to expose their research works globally with good recognition.


  • Personalized, high quality assistance for preparing your conference proceedings.
  • Obtain all required Copyright, Library of Congress, ISSN/ISBN and other Bibliographical Registration details.
  • On time and safe delivery of proceedings.
  • Bonfay Journals also support the online maintenance of conference by means of providing a interactive website for the conference.

Bonfay Journal offers various access options to our readers for the published proceedings by means of individual article access or complete proceeding access by the following forms with ISBN number.

  • Printed Book Proceedings
  • CD/DVD Proceedings
  • USB Proceedings
  • Abstract Proceedings
  • Online Proceeding Indexing

Bonfay Journals Conference Publishing Services

Bonfay Conference Publishing Services produces high-quality, peer-reviewed conference publications in print, digital and online products. Our goal is to make the publishing process as effortless as possible for both organizers and authors.

We are always looking for authors and institutes who are interesting to publish their books, monographs, conference and proceedings and thesis. We ensure that your work reaches the highest success. Since we are a privately owned publisher, we have the luxury of devoting more time and effort into cultivating publishing relationships. Our commitment to service and personal attention ensures that you will be an active participant in key publishing decisions and that we'll be responsive to your publishing needs. Maintaining high academic and production standards is our priority. Manuscripts received would be thoroughly assessed for their viability across the globe. We intend to inform the authors as soon as possible on the acceptance or rejection of their works.